No need for expensive tequila.  Tequila in a hat works too!

RCRVClub History

A passion for RC and RVs


Go on a trip with us.

If we like you, you're in.

Joining RCRVClub

Bring Tequila.

Someone keeps drinking all of our tequila so bring more.

Bring a Wash Tub Firepit (WTF).

A must for our campfires.  Update: Amazon "best fire pit ever" now acceptable.



A wild idea dreamed up my Mike Domokos and Jeff Leshinsky over a campfire and much Tequila.


We will be posting interesting "stuff" and offering sage advise.

RCRVClub was founded on May 13th, 2016 which was a Friday the 13th.  What could go wrong?

Or paying for beer tasting!

Bring Bloody Mary's for the morning after your initiation.

Hair of the dog.