Utah - March

Going to see Tammy's Son at Utah State but staying on some BLM land, should be interesting.

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Mike & Tammy get a new Truck


RC Fun

Come fly RC with us, and best of all, come fly RC while we are RVing!

Lake Tahoe, McCall ID, Glacier NP, Grand Tetons NP, Byrce - July/Aug

This is a long one! 17 days, get those wheel bearings greased up!


Cava Robles - January 

We are doing the "Wine Stroll" in downtown Paso Robles!

2019 planning is in full swing, are you in?

We are working on other trips as well, but you need to be at a board meeting!


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Trabuco Flyers Pig Roast - Memorial Day Weekend  

This speaks for itself!  RC, RV, the best of both worlds on this one.


??? Still in planing stage - Who knows where we go next!




Flying Flags RV Solvang - July 4th

Bochi ball, Solvang, hanging by the pool.  New drinks this year, no blue drinks.

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A passion for RC and RVs

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Josuha Tree NP - February

Thought we would give this NP a try since it's so close.


New Section

Little Known Facts

1) Tequila evaporates twice as fast at altitudes, like Serrano at Big Bear, so you must bring twice as much.

2) Cow bacon is used in Bloody Mary's.  (Wink wink... we let her think it is cow bacon!!)

3) Words with more than three syllables are encouraged during our highly intelligent brainstorming board meetings.  The DSP* is responsible for recording brilliant ideas.

*designated sober person.

New Logo and T-Shirts!

Friday the 13th, the day RCRVClub is born on line, what could go wrong?